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Architect: Burdge Architects

Situated on a private beach in Malibu and offering stunning, expansive views of the ocean, the Marisol 4 modern estate embodies the indoor/outdoor approach to design. Designed by renowned architect Doug Burdge, and exemplifying his signature style, this resort-like home won the 2016 Golden Nugget Award for Custom Homes.

Beautifully designed, it is obvious that Burdge and Associates Architects have mastered the art of indoor/outdoor living, creating a home that allows you to seamlessly move between the two. Jennifer Hoppel, the President of Burdge and Associate Architects, says they carefully try to balance the beauty of oceanfront property landscape, complimenting rather than overshadowing the views through design. “We try to balance the floor plans, where are the best views, where is the light going to comin in, but then also how does someone want to live within the house,” she says.

The exterior offers an elegant mix of materials, visually offsetting the different design elements without overshadowing the landscape. The interior features soaring ceilings, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a central fireplace, two bookend wine cellars, a home theater, an elevator, and is fully furnished with custom-designed furniture. The primary suite has expansive views, separate bathrooms and closets, an outdoor deck, private gym, and even a small outdoor putting green. The use of color and materiality of the home further reflects the blurring of indoor and outdoor spaces, as the neutral color palette not only has a coastal aesthetic, but also does not compete with the beautiful landscape.

Building off of the colors of the view, the interior design emphasis plays on texture. The few pops of color that are present help to draw your eye to areas that might otherwise have been overlooked, like a bright red painting along a hallway catching your attention through large windows on the second floor when viewed from the entryway. Speaking of the entryway, Hoppel says it is her favorite part of the home, “You’re really walking through a very lush landscape of palm trees, all sorts of plants and a landscape palette that feels very enclosed and different, and then you walk through this amazing pivot door and are instantly greeted with this expansive view.”

As you can see, the entire design thoughtfully incorporates the landscape, as this home not only has terrific views of the ocean, but also the gorgeous, rugged terrain of mountains. Striking this balance is a careful dance, as Hoppel says, “We don’t need to open up every wall, sometimes a hidden pocket view that’s great can be just as intriguing and beautiful and stunning when it’s a surprise and it’s a perfect square fixed window at the end of a hallway that frames a beautiful bluff side view or whatever that might be.”

This careful attention to detail also extends to all of the outdoor spaces, as this was clearly designed as a home for entertaining. Pocketing doors reveal a limestone terrace, with a 67 foot infinity pool flanked by cabanas and an indoor/outdoor bar, all overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The outdoor space allows you to enjoy the wonderful view, while still offering some comforts. The dueling cabanas both have recessed heaters to provide warmth on cool nights, one of which has a cozy seating area situated around a fireplace, while the other serves as a dining area that feels like an extension of the main house. The outdoor spaces not only showcase the magnificence view, they also open up to a landscaped 4,000 square foot private beach.

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