Valentino Sings | 40 x 47

Valentino Sings | 40 x 47


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In 2015 I painted a painting called "Goodbye Valentino". I loved it. The reason I loved it was because, although it was an abstract piece, it was romantic, evocative and full of suggestion of a different era. That painting now lives in New York, and this year I wanted to make another painting of the same dimensions, with a similar feel.
"Valentino sings" is another abstract painting, but also manages to capture the same romantic, ethereal feeling. The painting might be seen as reminiscent of sky and clouds, or a yellow summer landscape. The space is open to the viewers interpretation, to find their own narrative. Or you can just enjoy the beautiful abstraction, and sensual qualities of colour, light and mark.

It is painted on 10oz cotton duck canvas, which is then mounted on a solid wooden stretcher, with crossbar. The painting is 4cm deep from the wall, so can sit happily unframed, or works easily well framed, depending on taste and budget


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