Northern Star | 39 x 31

Northern Star | 39 x 31


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“Northern Star“ speaks about one of the most precious moments in our life. We have to know that here our most cherished wish, the most sincere one, the one reached through suffering, is about to come true. When it calls, the heart must go, follow the point on the horizon, follow this magnetic pull and drive towards beyond. Never reaching it – but always seeing it just ahead - remains a constant impetus for life.

The primary colors are gray, green, and brown. Gray is subdued, quiet, and reserved. Because it symbolizes nature, green is very visually soothing and therefore allows us to stay calm and refreshed. Brown, like green, is a color connected to life, growth, and the color of the earth.

✔ The painting signed on the front and back. It is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished gray edges and comes ready to hang. "Northern Star" conceived and completed by the winter of 2010 at the Island Studio, Jerusalem.

About a process:
This piece I have started with no preconceived notion of where the process will go. There is something magical about the painting being spontaneous, as I only have a certain amount of control over what is out - the rest is serendipity. Although there are only three primary colors, I use various mixtures to create lots of additional shades. By choosing the right hues, I create the desired mood in my pieces. The paint is fragile and transparent, almost like a watercolor.

About a series "First Silence":
It's an escape, a sanctuary from the noisy, rusting industrial slum. Everything eventually returns to nature - like a pastoral coral reef growing on a battleship lichen and mosses engulf factory buildings. These are paintings that sit comfortably in your home. No nudes, blood, or pieces that engage through discomfort. However, pictures are as thought-provoking as they are beautiful.

About the artist:
Alexey Adonin's paintings are at the intersection of abstraction and surrealism. The layered shapes of color ambiguously represent landscapes and castle-like structures, which appear isolated and far off into the distance, as if we are staring at a mirage that could disappear at any moment. His work projects an inherent tension, with a clear center point in each painting around which every element revolves and impels from. The sense of remoteness and apprehension in work is undoubtedly influenced by his experience as an immigrant, and the political and religious tension he lives with, in Jerusalem. Many of his paintings are inspired by his interest in philosophy and the universal forces that sublimely push and pull us along. He approaches his work without preconception and allows his unconscious mind to direct the formation of his surreal landscapes. As he puts it, "painting should walk through a sort of evolution, like a child who grows up."


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