Hummingbird | 35 x 35

Hummingbird | 35 x 35


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"Hummingbird" is an original painting on canvas. It is painted on a deep stretcher, so can be hung directly onto the wall.

This new series of work, I have named the Hummingbird series. I was aware of a significant change and mood that was happening within myself, and within these new paintings. They have a directness. A calmness. A feeling of being content within themselves. There is a sensuality in their minimalism, and limited choices. This feels purposeful and strong. It is both powerful and singular, as well as being nuanced and soft. Both epic and intimate. I love these contrasts.

I used the Hummingbird as a title for the series, and felt it worked beautifully as a metaphor. I feel the paintings related to the feeling of stillness of the hummingbird hovering and floating, whilst their wings are beating sometimes as fast as 80 beats per second.
Similarly, the paintings have a calmness and stillness, but yet there is an intense frequency and energy underneath. More to follow…watch this space : )

  • Details

    Subjects: Abstract

    Styles: Abstract, Fine ArtModern

    Mediums: Acrylic, Pencilsilver leaf

    Materials: Canvas

  • Size

     35.4 W x 35.4 H x 1.6 in


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