Dreh ich, dreh sich, dreh dich | 25 x 38

Dreh ich, dreh sich, dreh dich | 25 x 38


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Have a Nice Day is an ongoing project since August 2010. It is an ongoing personal project since 2010. It is a series of digital artworks containing random pictures of anonymous people sourced from the internet. One very important theme in this series is to question personal identity and its fleeting characteristic in our modern times. This series can also be regarded as a form of digital recycling, as well as an ironic statement on how our perception of aesthetics has been greatly influenced by the digitally altered images from media.

In my more recent and abstract pieces, I am interested in conveying certain scenes for the viewer to enter, triggering an expansive imagination of their own. The visual aspect of the work is engaging, almost in a physical way.

Website: http://dasplayhaus.tumblr.com/



Subjects: People

Styles: Abstract Figurative

Mediums: Digital, New Media, PaperPhoto

Materials: Paper


Size: 24.8 W x 37.8 H x 0.2 in


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