Dead End | 24 x 36

Dead End | 24 x 36


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Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.


"Urban stories" is a series about moments and situations happen in a big city. Day-to-day life brings us many different news, incidents and occasions that flash and disappear in our perception, but they leave traces of mood and information in our mind, and become those little things that make up our day. We can hear about something that touches us or is important for us. We can meet strange persons throughout the day. All those impressions influence us and fine tune our way of thinking and feeling of our own presence in this world.
Urban Stories is a series of paintings executed all in the same technique and style expressing a reaction of modern human on city life around him or her.
Overall, paintings are bold in composition and vivid in color contrast. They live in the same visual space and speak the same language but they are still different and any of them can tell its own story. All compositions use organic elements as well as some geometric and architectural motifs inspired from urban and industrial environments.

Painting is signed on the back. Ready to hang. Will be shipped in museum grade wooden crate.



beigeblackURBAN STORIEStexturewhitealikovgeometricindustrial

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: AbstractMinimalismStreet Art

Mediums: Acrylic

Materials: Canvas


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